How to Give Your LinkedIn a Boost

If you don’t think employers and recruiters are really looking at your LinkedIn, you’re sadly mistaken. Taking your LinkedIn profile…

If you don’t think employers and recruiters are really looking at your LinkedIn, you’re sadly mistaken.

Taking your LinkedIn profile seriously shows that you take your career seriously. Your LinkedIn profile not only verifies your identity and puts a face to a resume, but it gives employers a better look into your level of professionalism.

If you take the time to perfect your LinkedIn, hiring managers will take the time to give you a call. Don’t believe us? Follow these tips and just wait for the positive results!


  • Choose the right profile photo. Ideally, your LinkedIn photo should be a recent, professional headshot. Blurry selfies or group pictures won’t make the cut. If you don’t have a professional headshot, you should at least choose a high-quality photo where you’re wearing appropriate clothing and smiling! First impressions are everything, so choose wisely. 


  • Add a relevant background photo. Your background photo should make your profile more visually appealing and give viewers better insight into what matters to you. Whether it’s the skyline of your hometown, the U.S. capitol building, or a quote that resonates with your career goals, your background photo should match your personal brand and help you stand out.


  • Tell your story in your “About” section. This is your opportunity to market yourself on a personal level. Take advantage of this section by talking about your fundraising or networking skills, why you’re passionate about politics, and what your ultimate career goals are. A lot of people will leave this part blank, but this is how you showcase your ambition and personality.


  • Take skill assessments. LinkedIn gives you the option of taking assessment tests that verify your programming, business, and design skills. If you’re a Graphic Designer for a political vendor, you can take skill assessment tests for Photoshop and InDesign and show off your verification badge on your profile. Data shows that candidates with verified skills are 30% more likely to get hired!


  • Link your e-portfolio or website. Especially if you’re seeking a creative role for a political vendor, take your LinkedIn to the next level by linking your official website or some of your published work. You can even link presentations, audio clips, or videos you’ve made. By uploading the content you’ve created, you can further prove your abilities and give employers a solid reason to give you a call. 


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