Phone Interview Etiquette

Whether you’re interviewing for a role on the campaign trail or for a coveted position with a lobbying firm, each…

Whether you’re interviewing for a role on the campaign trail or for a coveted position with a lobbying firm, each hiring process is going to be a little different.

But we can guarantee one thing will remain the same – how to make a good impression during your initial phone interview. After all, first impressions are everything.

There’s no need to don a tux and keep your pinky up while chatting with a potential employer on the phone, but there is certain etiquette every candidate should follow.


Have a Good Connection 

We’re not talking about the kind of connection you’re looking for on a first date! We mean good service. Your potential employer will get fed up fast when they’re trying to get to know you but keep getting interrupted by a spotty service or background noise. Find a quiet spot with a strong connection and no distractions to conduct your first phone interview.


Keep it Professional 

 Is a phone call as serious as a face-to-face interview? Heck yes, it is! Even though you’re not looking at your potential employer in the eye, they still deserve a certain amount of professionalism and respect. Be sure to answer the phone politely by saying “Hello, this is …” and take this conversation seriously.


Show Your Enthusiasm 

It’s the enthusiastic candidates who get a callback for a second interview. Hiring managers will read into your lack of energy as a sign you’re not actually interested in the job itself, but the paycheck that comes with it. If you want the gig, you’ve got to be engaged, present, and personable. Throw some inflection in your voice and avoid being monotonous and dull. 


Do Your Research

Once a campaign or hiring manager reaches out to you to schedule an interview, open up that laptop and get to researching! The employer will know if you looked at their website, so study that thing like you’re prepping for the SATs! You’ll get bonus points if you can mention something you read or noticed about the site.


Ask the Right Questions

It’s impossible to read body language over the phone, after all, the interviewer can’t see you! It’s important to have quality questions ahead of time to fill the pauses and make the conversation flow, but to also show you’re genuinely interested in what your potential employer has to say.


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